So much things happened lately. That's summer, always something going on. First, I tried to screenprint some totebags, but due to fucked up screen I only made 6 of them and all are gone already. I'm gonna try to print more of those in september. I hope with some new designs too.


I also did new zine. It's collab zine with Kori. I made 4 new illustrations for it. We still have some copies left so if you want one, get in touch. One is 0,5 euros.

Last monday Rok organised Caffeine Hours, wonderful mix of art fair and musical event. Lot's of people were selling cool stuff, lots of people showed up and lots of people bought stuff from me, thank you very much to all of you. The whole event was very succesful and I hope there will be another one soon. I also made a poster for the event, check it out bellow.

I'm leaving for another summer trip on August 16th. New York - Boston - Acadia National Park - Toronto - Montreal. Until then I have to finish couple of posters, no sleep till Brooklyn!  Will post more info about that sooner or later. I hope New York is going to be good to us, can't wait to try all 36 vegan restaurants in Brooklyn, I'm also try to catch as many music gigs I can, I'm really excited for Chelsea Wolfe/Cult of Youth/Planning for Burial gig and Iceage/Raspberry Bulbs gig, all the good stuff.

If anyone have any good suggestions what to see in New York/Toronto//Montreal, please do tell. I'm interested in bookstores, vegan restaurants, art galleries and so on.

Highlights of the past few weeks: FLUFF fest (food, Ceremony, Year of no Light, Swing Kids, Punch), Born Against - The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure LP, Bill Callahan - Apocalypse LP, Pygmy Lush - Old Friends LP, Belle and Sebastian - The Boy With the Arab Strap LP, Punch live in Koper, Punch - Push/Pull LP, Nikki Louder live at FLUFF and Caffeine Hours (new songs are really good!), Justin Pearson - Graveyard of the arousal industry, Jonathan Safran Foer - Eating animals

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