I had the pleasure to be part of Wrap issue 2. Wrap is London based magazine that is not only a magazine, but it can also be used as wrapping paper. Issue 2 consists of 10 illustrators from all over the globe. It's huuuuge, A3 format, and it looks really really good. It's printed on 100% recycled paper and only with vegetable-based inks.

Besides artwork there are couple articles and also interviews with every artist that contributed artwork for this issue. Big thanks to Chris and Polly once again for being really nice.

You can read more about the magazine here, where you can also order a copy.

4 komentarji:

  1. Špica! Je pa kar malo škoda tvoje ilustracije za zavijanje darila in potem uničenje pri odvijanju :)

  2. ja samo sej veš, taki magazini so zanimivi nekaj časa, potem ti pa ležijo po policah :)

  3. Pohvale! Kje se pa da prebrati intervju?